Sabrina Meyns is a jewellery designer and papermaker based in the Workhouse Studios, Co. Waterford.

Sabrina creates incredibly delicate and intricate jewellery and sculptural pieces using handmade paper and precious metals, crossing boundaries between these two materials by combining them in innovative ways.

Drawing her inspiration from the garden, she focuses particularly on the late summer and autumn periods. Sabrina is especially fascinated by the delicate qualities of seedpods and the miniature elements that are seeds. When plants and flowers come towards the end of their life cycle their petals and leaves become fragile and translucent. Leaf veins and plant skeletons appear and the plants become beautiful, ghost-like creations of their former selves.

Sabrina has carefully chosen her materials to reflect the balance between the preciousness and delicacy. They best translate her fascination with translucency, fragility and the ephemeral beauty that exists in nature and presents the wearer/viewer with tangible and mesmerizing expressions of this almost intangible beauty.

Sabrina graduated from NCAD with a first class degree in Craft Design in 2008. Later that year she co-founded the Workhouse Studios, a dynamic craft collective built on the philosophy of design-led, innovative products including ceramics, glass, jewellery and textiles.